What Are Some Examples Of Non-fungible Tokens?

From the definition of Non-fungible Tokens, they can be anything. Now, that might be unclear to you. And especially if you’re new to the idea, you might be wondering what tokens are lucrative or worth your time.

Good news: this post will help you get closure.

Here, we will discuss the top examples of non-fungible tokens and how much they are worth.

Before that, let’s show the usual categories of NFTs.

What Are The Usual Categories of NFTs?

For most parts, NFTs have been digital arts. But we have seen other categories get incredible trades; here are some of them:

  • Domain names and digital collectibles,
  • Exclusive articles like essays,
  • Fashion lines,
  • In-game objects like upgrades & ammunitions, and
  • Tickets for promotions or events

That said, let’s discuss the famous NFTs traded in the listed categories:

Top 7 Examples Of Non-fungible Tokens

Note: we arranged this list according to the quoted worth of the listed NFTs. However, note that value, after all, is subjective. In other words, what is valuable varies from one person to another.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Everydays is an art collection of Beeple’s (Mike Winkelmann) work dating back to May 2007. And so far, it is the most expensive NFT at $69M. Also, it was the first NFT artwork ever auctioned – and a landsliding record-breaker at that!

CryptoPunk #3100

CryptoPunks is a general collection of algorithm-generated art images that started in 2017. Presently, there are over 10,000 of these digital pixel arts in circulation. But of the lot, the #3100 is the most expensive.

CryptoPunk #3100 is a pixelated SpongeBob-lookalike alien with a headband. It started at a mere $76 NFT digital art back in 2017 but is currently worth $7.58M.


Crossroads is another landmark digital piece from Beeple. But this time, the NFT artwork is somewhat political. Like issues in such a category, it gathered a large following. As a result, the art that contains a graffitied, giant, Trump-lookalike baby recorded a $6.6M sale on Nifty Gateway.


WarNymph, a work of Grime and her brother, is one of the recent NFT sales, yet it makes the top 5. It is a collection of 10 digital assets that sold for $5.8M in late February this year.

One of the WarNymph assets, and arguably the most famous, is an art piece of a winged baby protecting Mars from human invasion. Funnily enough, Grime’s boyfriend, Elon Musk, plans to explore Mars.


Doge is another top 5 NFT sales. And like WarNymph, it is also a recent NFT that sold for $4M in June this year. The funniest part is that Doge (yes, a popular meme) is still in circulation, and you can use the art as you like.

Again, people attach value to whatever they like, and the buyer of Doge has the original right to the meme now. So, cheers!

RTFKT’s Digital Sneakers

If Doge’s case was funny, then the sale of RTFKT’s digital sneakers is hilarious. The fast-growing fashion company produced a series of NFT sneakers, and they accrued up to $3.1M in sales in March this year. Unfortunately, the buyers won’t be able to wear the sneakers.

The First Post On Twitter

This NFT is the first digital collectible that is not an artwork on our list. Regardless, it holds a significant value, so much so that it sold for $3M.

Beautifully, the sale of Twitter’s first post is for a charitable cause. Jack Dorsey sold the tweet and used the proceeds for charity through an organization called GiveDirectly.

Other notable examples of NFTs include:

  • The Best I Could Do; a cartoon series that sold for over $1.6M
  • The Genesis Estate; a virtual simulation game that sold for $1.5M

Looking through the examples of the top-selling NFTs, you can see they are lucrative investment opportunities. And the best part of it all is that you can cash out big on virtually anything!

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