Can I Make An NFT?

Yes, you can make an NFT (non-fungible token) without having any technical experience and sell it. If you follow the right procedure by using the right platforms, you can create your NFT in a matter of minutes. 

With the popularity of NFTs soaring in the blockchain space, it is easy to get overwhelmed about creating your non-fungible token. 

Quick advice: take a deep breath and pay close attention so you can expose your asset to the entire world. 

A non-fungible token represents unique items such as music, video games, real-world assets like cars etc. These items are not replaceable on a one-on-one basis. NFTs deal with items that are attributed with importance because of their quality, information or even the emotion that is attached to them. When you take an item like artwork and you use crypto tokens to represent them on a blockchain, you’ve just successfully created a non-fungible token. 

Why Should You Make An NFT 

You must be wondering why you should even go through the process of creating an NFT in the first place. Here are the benefits that you stand to gain. 


When your items are stored in the blockchain space, there is a sure guarantee of security. NFTs are immutable and secure which makes it difficult for anyone to change your data. It serves as a proof-of-ownership for the virtual asset that you have. 


An NFT saves you from the regular trouble of promoting your artwork. It eradicates the need to constantly contact agencies to sell your work. Also, you don’t have to share your earnings with any middleman. You must surely like the thought of keeping your commission all to yourself. 

Always Available

NFTs are built on the blockchain platform which means that you can always access them. You can sell at any time and cut across the globe when you create an NFT. 

How To Make An NFT

Here are the quick steps you can take to make an NFT all by yourself. 

Choose Your Item 

There is a wide range of items that can be reproduced to an NFT. It can be a video game, digital painting, music, video or text. Your choice should just be anything that you can reproduce into a multimedia file. 

Get Some Ether 

For you to create your NFT effortlessly, it is best to use Ethereum because most NFT marketplaces support it. Get yourself an Ethereum wallet such as Coinbase, MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Have around $100 worth of ether at your disposal. 

Pick A MarketPlace

With a marketplace, you can create your own NFTs, however, you have to pick the right one. The main ones are OpenSea, Mintable and Rarible. For the sake of ease, OpenSea is a better option. Afterwards, you connect your Ethereum-based wallet to the marketplace. Then you confirm the connection process from your wallet application. 

Make The NFT 

To make your first NFT, click on the “Create” button. Add all the necessary information and create a collection. This leads you to the real minting procedure.

Select “New Item”, load your artwork and include all the details about it. Once you are done with the necessary things, click on ” Create”. 

You’ve just successfully created an NFT, easy right?  After going through this process, you also need to market your artwork to those who are interested.

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