How Do I Get NFT, And How Can I Get NFT For Free?

By now, you probably love the sustainability and lucrativeness of NFTs. Would you like to take the next step? Then, get your token. But how?

How can you get an NFT? Could you do that free of charge? Let’s find out!

How Can You Get A Non-fungibility Token?

You have two options: you either create an NFT or buy one! So, let’s start with the first option.

How To Create An NFT?

Before we proceed, we believe you are an artist or designer. Else, it’s best that you buy an existing NFT. Regardless, the following steps will help you create or mint NFT, even as a beginner:

  • First, you must have an artwork you want to tokenize. You don’t necessarily have to be a painter with Monalisa; have an item – a text, video, or even music. In summary, find an object you can transform into a multimedia file.
  • After hand picking your digital artwork, you need blockchain technology. The simplest option is Ethereum since most NFT platforms support it.
  • So, create your Ethereum wallet and ensure it has some Ether (say a $100 equivalent) to spend – creating an NFT can be expensive.
  • Now, choose a platform where you can host your artwork. After hosting your work, you can then list it as an NFT.

However, be careful of the platform you choose for creating and hosting your NFT. Some might need you to verify your identity as an artist. Also, there might be a few rules on what objects you can list.

  • Next, connect your loaded wallet to your NFT marketplace. When you do, you will see the option to create a non-fungible token for your uploaded art. Afterward, there will be a stipulated deduction from your wallet, and you’ll get your NFT.

After creating an NFT, the end goal is to sell and make a profit. Unfortunately, that point is where most of the work of non-fungible tokens lies. Unless you’re an established artist or celebrity, prepare to join communities across social media platforms for marketing.

So, shall we discuss the second option of getting an NFT?

How Can You Buy An NFT?

Buying an NFT is somewhat a longer process than creating one. And the reason for that is because you need to vet the token and art to be sure you’re making a profitable investment. Besides, is your desired piece time-specific – is it through a drop or pack?

The token aside, you should check what platform is safe to use. More importantly, what wallet and cryptocurrency coin is acceptable where you decided to trade?

Once you find answers to the listed questions, proceed to do these:

  • Connect your wallet to your preferred, but safe NFT marketplace
  • Select and cart the NFT art you’d like to purchase
  • Pay at checkout, and the digital artwork is yours.

Can You Get NFT for Free?

The chances are that you can’t afford the 100-dollar worth of Ether to mine your NFT. Neither can you afford NBA Shots offers! So, what can you do? Can you create tokens for free?

Yes, it is possible. But, you must trade on OpenSea. Even at that, you must still have an Ethereum wallet.

We hope this post has been helpful. If you need more information, check other exciting posts on NFTs on our blog!

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